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PE Checksum 6.2

PE Checksum 6.2

PE Checksum Publisher's Description

  • PE Checksum is a windows explorer like encryption/decryption tool, a MD5 file checksum tool and a fully integrated file explorer for Pocket PC from Vieka. PE Checksum is the only explorer with the ability to encrypt or decrypt multiple files with extreme security, to generate MD5 checksums for multiple files and export these result to a file on your Pocket PC for ease of use.

  • With the built-in MD5 checksum tool, you can transfer multiple files between your PC and your PDA. And you can easily verify if there is even one bit of error during the transfer with one simple click!

  • Now you can encrypt your important documents, passwords, sensitive financial information and personal data, etc and knowing that they are safe and secure; you can send encrypted information through emails and don't have to worry about someone spying on it; even if your Pocket PC is stolen, knowing that your information is safe from prying eyes will make you sleep better at night.

  • Just how secure is PE Checksum?

  • PE Checksum utilizes the next generation Cryptography standard Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) and support 256-bit key size encryption.

  • To put it into perspective, assuming that one could build a machine that could recover a current 56-bit Data Encryption Standard (DES) key in a second (i.e., try 255 keys per second), then it would take that machine approximately 149 thousand-billion (149 trillion) years to crack a 128-bit AES key. The universe is believed to be less than 20 billion years old!!!

  • The Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) will be a new Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) Publication that will specify a cryptographic algorithm for use by U.S. Government organizations to protect sensitive (unclassified) information. For more information on AES, please visit

  • Now with more options to control how you like to do encrypt/decrypt!
  • Double click on the encrypted files bring up the decrypt screen automatically and will run the file afterwards.
  • The best of all, with scheme capabilities, you can personalize and customize PE Checksum the way you like it!
  • For your convenience, there is also a free fully functional PE Checksum2 for Windows Desktop so that files can be encrypted/decrypted and the checksums can be generated on the desktop PC.

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